Solar Installations

At Scan Center Home of Technology, we have been providing South Afrcian households and businesses with high-quality solar panels for over 5 years. Our solar panels have become an integral part of an energy saving solution, working towards a cleaner future.

We want your energy solution to suit your business or home or so our specialists will analyse your electricity bill and conduct a thorough site inspection to present a better solution. We then provide a Solar Energy Solution to your needs. Our experienced Solar Installation team are also accredited electricians, so you know your installation will be done effectively..

Scane Center has successfully installed quality solar systems into dozens of commercial and residential premises across Gauteng.

Benefits of Solar Energy Systems:

  • Renewable & Environmentally Friendly
  • Reduced Electricity Bill
  • Low Maintenance Costs

Our in-house team of solar engineers, project managers, consultants, quality assurance officers and system monitors work together seamlessly to produce the best systems on the market and people are quickly realising that our dedication to quality is unparalleled.

Solar Carports for Commercial and Domestic Applications

With rising electricity prices across South Africa, most businesses and households are looking into ways to reduce their energy bills.  While a typical carport or stand-alone garage provides vehicle protection and shade, building a standard carport can be a missed opportunity with one of the latest emerging solar technologies, the Solar Carport.

Solar Carports are not just installing solar panels on your existing carport and hoping it reduces your energy bill, instead they have more in common with ground solar panels because they are angled instead of flat mounted. This makes them more efficient as you can change the angle to best take advantage of your property orientation.

Having solar panels installed for your business or home is a great way to save money and improve your impact on the environment.


Industrial, Commercial & Domestic Solar Installations by Scan Center includes Design, Installation and Maintenance

Contact us at Scan Center for more information on our Solar Panel Installations and option on how we can help reduce your electricity bill.

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